Cameroon-African Development Bank : Exploring Further Cooperation Avenues

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute yesterday May 16, 2024 received the Vice President of the financial institution, Jacques Edjangue, on a consultative mission in the country.

Possible areas of cooperation between Cameroon and the African Development Bank, after the inauguration of the regional hub have been examined between the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute and Vice President of the financial institution, Jacques Edjangue. The financial expert who was at the Star Building yesterday May 16, 2024 is in Cameroon on a consultative mission aimed at further strengthening cooperation.
In a brief statement to the press, the Vice President who is in charge of personnel management noted that he held talks with the Head of Government to see how they can further reinforce their presence in the country.  “The main topic of discussion with the Prime Minister was around the cooperation between the bank and Cameroon. As you know, we just inaugurated a new office, the regional hub and the Prime Minister was there to preside at the ceremony. So we discussed a number of issues, focusing on the need to strengthen that cooperation. The cooperation has been there for very long and is a very solid cooperation because Cameroon is a founding member of the African Development Bank. We are ramping up our activities in the sub region with the focus on Cameroon and we wanted to explore some of the avenues on which we can work together,” he said.
At the moment, the portfolio of the African Development Bank covers sectors such as ...


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