Border Security: Military Refreshes Skills

A seminar on border security took place recently in Wum, in the North West Region organized by the Commanders of the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion.

Elements of the National Defense Forces serving at the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion spent October 24th-27th, 2016 in Menchum Division, of the North West Region, refreshing technical skills to better command collaborators and watch over any security threats from neighboring countries. In effect, the Commander of the Motorized Infantry Battalion, Col. Agha Robinson led the training exercise that assembled all the Unit Commanders covering Dschang, Bamenda, Kumbo, Nkambe and Wum.

It was all about shooting rehearsals with fusils, reconnaissance actions and rehearsals by crises helicopters with the Bamenda-based Commander of the 202nd Air force Base Colonel Ngoumane Titse Thomas in attendance. It was a near battle field situation with the Infantry coordinating attacks on the ground and the Air Force coordinating from the air.

 Setting the tone for the seminar; Col. Agha Robinson challenged collaborators to rise to expectation with lessons that reinforce their capacity to act in their missions to secure the national territory, protect people and property, keep peace, check terrorism, urban banditry, intertribal or land disputes, the cultivation and marketing of marijuana. It was also about best practices for discipline and cohesion to reign at work places.

Seminar participants made outings to the neighborhood of the Esu Advanced Combating post. It was also a rare moment for Col. Agha Robinson to transmit instructions from the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defense. Curtains drop on the seminar with a common meal. Earlier, Menchum SDO, Emvotou Bita Benoit William joined seminar participants on a walking distance of 13km from Wum town towards the firing range of the 26th Motorized Infantry Battalion.



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