FENAC 2016: Grand Fantasia Thrills Yaounde Public

It was an opportunity for the different regions to show case their culture.


Cameroonians were held spellbound on Saturday November 12, 2016 following a Grand Fantasia organised at the Concorde Stadium of the University of Yaoundé 1. The grand fantasia was part of activities of the eight edition of the Arts and Culture Festival FECNAC 2016. Even though the event took place on the eve of the official closing of FENAC 2016, many Cameroonians discovered rich cultural values of Cameroon. Dance groups from the ten region of the country were on the spot to display their talents in the domain of arts and culture.

Prior to the start of the event each group could been rehearsing in order to give the best spectacle. The blowing of the long traditional trumpet from the Adamawa Region alone attracted many people from the homes. Many people saw the traditional trumpets from the northern part of Cameroon for the first time. What thrilled the public most was the cultural display from the Northern part of the country. Cameroonians watched rich cultural displays from the cultural groups like the Labi Mboum-Pana from Ngaoundéré, the Groupe Voulma from Mayo Oulo among others.

The public watched traditional mystical games from the northern parts of the country like the art of hypnotising animals, eating broken bottles and other sharp objects, among others. The high point was the famous horse race. That was the first time the horse race was taking in the Arts and Culture Festival out of the northern part of the country. Close to 20 horses decorated with bright colours raced through the dusty playground with horse riders brandishing bright swords as able warriors.

Many people were watching the horse race for the first time. Marie Cécile, a student of the University of Yaounde 1 said she it was her first time of watching a cultural display of that nature. “These are things we see only on television. Thanks to FENAC we have the opportunity to watch the event live,” she said. Another student Patrice Onguene said the culture display has given the desire to visit the Northern part of Cameroon in the days ahead. The Minister of Culture, Narcisse Moulle Kombi, accompanied by members of government were present was present to encourage the different cultural groups.



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