Limbe: PM Dion Ngute Bears Peace Message

After receiving political leaders, traditional rulers, religious authorities the Prime Minister held working sessions with professional groups on May 15, 2019.

Prime Minister Chief Joseph Dion Ngute has promised to take faithfully the call of the people for the release of detained persons in connection with violence in the North West and South West to the Head of State, Paul Biya. He equally announced the imminent round-table dialogue promised by the Head of State to end the crisis in both Anglophone Regions of Cameroon.

PM’s Announcement

To add to the sincerity of government proposed dialogue, the PM expounded that two other rehabilitation centres would be opened in the Noun Division of the West Region and in the Moungo Division in the Littoral Region to receive those who would deliberately lay down arms and come out of the bushes. The PM was speaking in Limbe on May 15, 2019 in the second day of his peace mission to the South West Region. He also gave his word to invest efforts to revive the South West Elite Association (SWELA) to work alongside the South West Chiefs’ Conference (SWECC) for the development of the Region. The PM spoke in reply to open requests from eloquent speakers at the Limbe I Council hall yesterday afternoon. Many voices raised concerns about the death of the one-time marketing Board, the monopoly over cocoa buying leaving farmers with only crumps and the deaf ear given to the question of the Limbe Deep sea Port which could employ many youths and divert them from violence.


The listening ability of the Prime Minister Dion Ngute was once more put to test yesterday in Buea when he received hundreds of personalities from various walks of life. He received delegations of political parties including the CPDM, MRC and the SDF before granting audience to a multi tude of traditional leaders. The Muslim community was also received. Many of those who met the PM later told the press that they were frank and spoke their minds to the Head of State’s envoy.

Limbe Lap

The visiting PM also travelled to Limbe, headquarters of Fako Division where a hilarious welcome was accorded him from Mile Four through to Limbe I Council Hall not without halting at Mile One to bathe in a crowd of waiting students, parents and the general population. While in Limbe, the PM stopped over at Down Beach to hand offer fishing equipment to groups of fishermen.

Visit To University of Buea

On returning from Limbe, the august guest made an impressive stop-over at the University of Buea where he met with authorities and Teachers of the institution. This lap of the visit becomes very significant as a score of students were recently kidnapped from the campus to an unknown destination. Although they were later released by their assailants, the scar of the incident remains traumatizing for the next academic year. Certainly the PM would have given specific instructions for the protection of students on campus.

Lawyers, Trade Unions

The PM Dion Ngute ended his day two yesterday receiving the lawyers, teacher’s trade Unions and business men. Equally received were buyam sellams, and traders Unions of Fako. The PM is scheduled to travel to Kumba today morning to meet the various shades of society in his bid to record facts for the promised dialogue to be called by the Head of State.



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