Elizabeth Ngonga : Passionate Actress Craving For Excellence

The motherly character in the Cameroon film industry has made cinema her life and considers it as inborn.

She would have become a nurse. But her passion for cinema guided her to what she considers as her life. Elizabeth Ngonga Wandji Binajoh is one of the prominent images in Cameroon’s cinema. She works at TJ production. Age 63, the actress has featured in most films as the mother character. Amongst such films are “Virgin Blade”, “The Mad Man” and “All ventures”. All these films were nominated during the just ended Ecran Noir festival.
“To reach excellence was not an easy task”, says Elizabeth. At the beginning of her career, things were really tough. “I had no support and was to pay transport to production centres, accommodate and feed myself from my meagre income” explains Elizabeth. Nevertheless, she kept on moving and did not derail. She was motivated by her love and passion for cinema. “If not passion, you cannot do it,” declares Elizabeth.
The actress has not always been a film character. However, after retiring from her Secretariat duties in 2007, cinema has remained her only activity and source of living. Her debut in the Film Industry was in the movie titled “Blues Kingdom” produced by Gilbert Agbor. She considers Gilbert Agbor as her spiritual father, since he is the one that took her into the film industry. Till date, the actress has featured in more than ten movies and series, among which: Land of Shadows, Jungle of Heirs and Clash of Inheritance. For series, she has played roles in: Bad Angel, Samba All Ventures, among others. Her knowledge of acting is gotten from seminars and from usual practice on stage.
The actress from Babadjou in the West Region is a widow and mother of four children. During her leisure time, one will find her walking, playing lawn tennis or travelling. This, according to her, helps her to relieve stress. For her favourite meal, Mama Elizabeth cherishes fufu-corn and vegetable. To be in good term with Elizabeth, one need never to lie as she hates lies telling. 
Her life turns around cinema. In line with this passion, her ambition is to become a household name and be a model to the younger ones. For this, she relies on her strength in God. She advises the upcoming generation to be hardworking, focused, humble, consistent and prayerful.



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