Dr Linda Yang Publishes Three Books

The books about women in development, democracy and the history of Cameroon were presented to the public last Friday, August 2, 2019 in Yaounde.

“Those who tell the stories rule society.” This popular quote by Plato precedes the official launch of three new books by Dr Linda Ankiambom Lawyer epse Yang last Friday, August 2, at the premises of the Higher Teachers Training College (HTTC), of the University of Yaounde I. Dr Linda Lawyer Yang, a holder of a Ph.D in History, has just imprinted her name in the world of writers in Cameroon. As a researcher, Dr Linda Yang has used written words in various styles and techniques to communicate her ideas in three books titled: “A Chronicle of Kom Women in Development”, “Literary Forces and Democratic Evolution in Cameroon” which she co-author with Dr Gilead Ngam Nkwain (a University of Bamenda Lecturer), and “A Comparative Study of History Education in Cameroon, 1961-2016” which she also co-author with Arnold Nchamaze Akepu (a secondary school teacher). 
In a brief review of the book “A Chronicle of Kom Women in Development”, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Basic Education, Dr Asheri Kilo said the book reveals the important role Kom women have played from pre-colonial Cameroon until date. The author, Dr Kilo said, highlighted the major contributions Kom women have made in the political, economic and socio-cultural domains of the Kom society. In the book, Dr Linda Yang says in spite all what women have done for the development of Kom, no writer has written about them. That is why she decided to write down in a chronicle all what Kom women had done in the development of their community.
 Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi while reviewing the book “Literacy Forces and Democratic Evolution in Cameroon,” said usually when people talk about democratic evolution, they use tools such as political sciences, law, and political philosophy, amongst others. But, in the book, Pr Jean Emmanuel Pondi said the writer has taken another perspective by looking at the literary production to understand how it reflects the reality of the society at this time.  According to Prof Pondi, this is an innovative way to approach the subject in an unusual manner. Professor Daniel Abwa was very historical in his choice of words in presenting the book “A Comparative Study of History Education in Cameroon 1961-2016.” The book, he said, is profound in what is and what should be as far as education in Cameroon is concerned. Although the country has succeeded to unite, the system of education is not united. Prof Abwa said the writer is clear on the fact that the founding fathers of Cameroon wanted a system wherein all Cameroonians go through the same system of education. The writer concludes that the teaching of Cameroon history in Cameroon is very low. As such, Cameroonians do not know their history. 
In the presence of several government ministers and the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), the Head of the Department of History at HTTC, Yaounde, Professor Eyes’O Salvado said the writer, Dr Linda Ankiambom Lawyer epse Yang, who is mostly known as the General Coordinator of the humanitarian association of the First Lady, CERAC, is also a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Yaounde I since 2014, with a great esteem for her elders and hierarchy. Prof Eyes’O Salvado said she is a young prolific historian who is always willing to learn and fully implicated in the training of teachers. The three books she has just launched Prof Salvado said are fruits of her hard work and assiduity. 



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