Economy Ministry: Over 80 Per cent For Investment

Minister Louis Paul Motaze defended the draft budget in the Committee on Finance and Budget on November 24, 2016.


The draft Budget of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development for the 2017 financial year stands at FCFA 61.77 billion representing FCFA 11.482 billion of recurrent budget and FCFA 50.288 billion of investment budget. Minister Louis Paul Motaze who defended the budget at the Committee on Finance and Budget of the National Assembly on November 24, 2016 night  said about 81 per cent of the ministry’s requested budget will be earmarked for capital expenditure which materializes Cameroon’s desire to make investment the main pillar of economic growth.

The main objective of the draft budget will be to accelerate the take-off of Major Second Generation Projects as well as those from the Emergency Plan. This, the ministry explains is because of their overarching effects on the economy, enhance regional development actions and take measures that seek to enhance the impact of public investments.

The Ministry, Mr Motaze told the Committee members, intends to achieve its objectives through three key programmes.  One of the programmes is support to economic revival for growth acceleration, the second  one  is the enhancement of development planning and scaling up of regional development actions. The last programme concerns the enhancement of development partnership and regional integration.





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