Reinforce Control, Step Up Vigilance

Unbelievable but regrettably true that at the time the national economy is crawling owing to the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, some unscrupulous individuals have chosen to worsen the situation with counterfeit products increasingly flooding the national market. Almost all products are not spared by this economic and health destroyer. The most recent of the trending phenomenon was the discovery of an illegal industry in Yaounde fabricating whiskies and other drinks known generally to be imported. 

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While the sometimes helpless population; out of naivety and to an extent poor purchasing power, put their health on the balance in the purchase and consumption of such products, the Customs department lags behind in living up to expectation with its target and the State coffers suffer at term. The malpractice is said to be greatly depriving the Customs administration of hundreds of billions of CFA Francs as well as compromising the turnover of so many businesses. More so, the dirty business forcefully engages duly registered industries into unfair competition sometimes pushing most of them off certain business lines. Its negative effects on the economy and human health are, to say the least, profound. Government has been struggling, almost to no avail, to limit the scourge. The number of those who seek the easier way in business likewise clients who go for anything said to be cost-effective minding less of the risks involved appear to be increasing with each passing day. 

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In the face of this dangerous practice, control agents and partner structures absolutely need to step up their guard. If the fraudsters have learned to go from one innovation to the other to trick the vigilance of controls, supervisors themselves badly need to adapt to changing tactics of the hoodlums. If already outlined policies and strategies have proven ineffective, there is no need holding unto what failed yesterday because it is failing today and will fail tomorrow. Government cannot license industries to produce or sell certain products and accept defeat in the face of a phenomenon as destructive as counterfeit. The need to tighten control knots and do what has not been done yet or innovate on what is being done remains imperative.

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Even more, the population should show proof of responsibility by checking what they consume and denouncing fraudulent people and their activities. It should be known to everyone that Ruinart, Moët, Don Pérignon, Chivas Régal, Glenffidich, Jacks Daniels, Martini, Johnnie Walker Blue and Hennessy, are imported drinks. When someone fugitively sells them here at prices far below the usual market prices, any customer should start doubting. Failure to do so is betraying a national course of protecting the economy and even more exposing oneself to the dangers that come with consuming substandard products.  

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