Ndamo Damarise Biethang : Acting Is Her Safe Haven

The uprising actress who hails from the North West Region says her career is great and steady.

Damarise Ndamo Beithang is a Cameroonian actress from Mbande village, situated in Nkambe, North West Region. Her first appearance on set was in 2014 through the Series “Rumble” by BillyBob. Later she established her name in the Cameroon film industry with a supporting role in the multiple award winning TV series “Samba” (endorsed by Africa Magic Showcase) by Omega One Entertainment, during the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana 2017. “Samba” was a breakthrough in her career as she gained a Lead role with Nadia Buari and Imeh Bishop in another award winning TV series “Apple For Two” currently showing on Africa Magic Showcase. Thereafter, Damarise, played another lead role in her first feature film “Wardzee” by Itambi Delphine which earned her an award in one of the biggest African Film festivals in London; Zafaa Global Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 2018. Damarise Ndamo has also played more lead roles in movies such as; “The Fisherman’s Diary” by Kang Quintus.
Since then, Damarise Ndamo is moving from grace to grace in her acting career. She has received numerous awards, like the Best Actress of the Year at IFFA India 2021, won Best Supporting Actress. Her passion for acting began when she was at the Presbyterian High School in Kumba, where she obtained Ordinary and Advanced Level GCE Certificates. There after she went to the University of Buea, where she read English and French Communication Studies and graduated with double honours in 2016. Since then, Damarise have been into film acting, workshops and other symposium programmes on film production. “Film to me is not just about cinema...it is a movement! I particularly got into filmmaking to use it as a platform to reach out to people through my movie roles, characters and themes. Film is my second safe haven. It gives me the ability to innovate, recreate, advocate and a lot more”, Damarise Ndamo tells Cameroon Tribune. 
Her secret to success is “faith and dependence on God, as well as hard work and self confidence”. Although her acting career is going on great and steady with upcoming projects, as a young woman in the film industry, Damarise says it is challenging getting the right distribution deals for Cameroonians to discover more films about Cameroon. However, she says her future as an actress in Cameroon is promising and the time will come when those in the film industry will reap from their labour. 



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