Buea : Igniting Drawing Skills In Children

The initiator of the project said it is a means of communication and earning a living.

14 children who have completed a two months rigorous training in drawing and cartooning in Bonduma, Buea, have been praised for their quality of arts work. Grace Ewang, South West Regional Delegate for Arts and Culture, presided at the graduation ceremony on Friday August 27, 2021. The workshop introduced the learners to visual arts as a tool for evangelism, artistic skills and their benefits, and a solution to unemployment and job creation. The children between the ages of eight and 15 took turns and explained their works to the public that turned out for the event. Miriam Abamot, 14-year-old, expounded that her works is on the Bakweri culture where it is believed that Albinos were sacrificed to the mountain god, Efasa Moto and the sea goddess, Nyagonamuna. That although it was something bad, such memories are however to be preserved for the future generation to know what happened in the past. Other presentations condemned the horrors of war, the devastating effect of Coronavirus pandemic, dangers of deforestation, effects of excreting upstream while people fetch water downstream among others.  
Grace Ewang was impressed with the quality of arts work displayed by the children. “I have seen real talent. Additionally, the topics are current and relevant to us. Talking about the crisis and asking for peace is worth saluting. I thank the parents who sent their children to this workshop to sharpen their skills,” the Delegate said. She emphasized that some children are born with certain skills and if they are not given an opportunity to express it then they might not concentrate in school.
Eyabi Lambert Mfombep, promoter of the Into The Pencil initiative said drawing and cartooning is a way of communicating. He projected that in five years’ time the children should be using their skills to earn a living. Eyabi Mfombep expressed satisfaction regarding the fast rate at which the children learnt with some understanding the direction and importance of arts work. 



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