International Migration: upcoming Conference Discussed

This was during an audience granted November 7 by the Minister of External Relations to the Resident Representative of UN System in Cameroon and the Chief of Mission for IOM.

In view of the forthcoming summit on international migration to be held in Marrakech, Morocco, the Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella on November 7, 2018, held an audience with the Resident Representative of UN System in Cameroon, Allegra Maria Del Pilar Baiocchi. She was accompanied to the audience by the Chief of Mission of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Dr. Seydou Boubacar.

Talking to the press after the audience, Allegra Maria Del Pilar Baiocchi said they discussed the upcoming summit in Morocco which will see the adoption of the global compact on migration. “It is a document that has already been agreed upon within the United Nations Organisation and it has been two years of hard work.

We want to make sure that Cameroon participates in the summit so that they will be able to showcase some of their experiences of migration,” she stated. She further stated that migration is a very delicate issue which should be tackled from a common front. “Migration is a very sensitive thing all around the world, so we are interested in the challenges as well as the opportunities it brings.

There are definitely a lot of opportunities in migration and we need to hear Came roon’s voice and also Africa’s voice when it comes to issues of migration,” she added. Dr. Seydou Boubacar of IOM said their focus is balancing migration and development. Going by him, there is need for collective brainstorming to addres sing the challenges of migration while exploiting the opportunities it brings for the development of countries.



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