Aviation Development, Safety: China Shares Best Practices With Africa

The 2016 Forum of China-Africa Regional Aviation Cooperation held in Zhuhai recently within the sidelines of the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.


Civil aviation experts in the People’s Republic of China have hinted that for the industry to blossom and yield required dividends, security must be guaranteed. They hold that the much-needed aviation safety passes through the state of aircraft, infrastructure and security in airports. In the face of what they underlined is the shaky industry in Africa owing to under investment in the sector as well as insufficient fiscal and human resources, there is need for win-win partnership especially with companies and countries that have moved steps forward.

In effect, it was against this backdrop that aviation experts from Africa and China converged on Zhuhai, Guangdong Province of China on November 2, 2016 to share best practices on how to boost the industry in Africa and improve the economic performances of the countries. And the 2016 Forum of China-Africa Regional Aviation Cooperation, as the meeting was christened, held within the sidelines of the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition. A rare moment to showcase China’s advancements in the aviation industry!

Through the forum, China and Africa formulated new concepts on the future civil aviation transport in Africa and participants hoped such a move would enhance the aviation cooperation between China and Africa and promote the implementation of China-Africa regional cooperation plan. The forum was a follow up of that of 2015 year in Beijing.

Strides, they held, have been recorded thus far. “Several direct flight courses between China and African countries have been set up, trainings and customer service centres have been established by AVIC Intl in Africa and more than 200 aviation officers and technicians have already been trained for African countries…,” a final press release reads.

Among the participants of the Zhuhai 2016 Forum of China-Africa Regional Aviation Cooperation were officials from giant financiers notably Export/Import Bank of China, China Development Bank, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, China-Africa Development Fund, ICBC Leasing et al who provided diverse financial packages that could bail Africa’s aviation industry out of the current economic limbo.











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