Mounted, Motorised Troops: Showcased Prowess To Defend Cameroon

The Presidential Guard, Army, National Gendarmerie and Police through the motorised parade displayed the arsenal capable of ensuring peace, security and unity of the country.

Celebrations marking the 47th anniversary of Cameroon’s National Day, on May 20, 2019 once more provided the opportunity for the country’s defence and security forces to display diverse arsenal during the parade of the mounted and motorised troops in front of the Head of State, President Paul Biya, national dignitaries, special guests and the international community.

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The parade at the 20th May Avenue in down town Yaounde was an ideal occasion for the forces in eight groups to demonstrate the country’s capacity to tackle the rising wave of security challenges. With regard to mounted troops, the Presidential Guard to the rhythm of their band displayed platoons of the Cavalry Squadron, Motorcycle Escort. The motorised troops of the Presidential Guard comprised of Signal Unit, Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron, Infantry Company and Support Company.

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The National Gendarmerie thrilled the population with their arsenal of the carrier squadron that comprised of six groups. The Motorcycle Platoon of the National Gendarmerie was another attraction. The Army stole the show in their display. It showcased the Special Forces, Rapid Intervention Brigade. The Joint Scouting Battalion made up of three companies,

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Armoured Battalion comprised of Armoured Squadron and Support Unit also put up an admirable parade. The Military Engineering Corps equally demonstrated an impressive presence through equipment for its Excavation Section, Bridging Section, Support Group and Medical Company.

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The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) showcased the equipment and weapons of the Special Motorised Unit, Intervention Motorised Unit and Maritime Rapid Intervention Unit. Also remarkably present were the National Navy, Detachment of the National Fire Brigade comprising of Command Component, People-rescue component and Fire Rescue Component. The National Security was visibly present through the Mobilise Intervention Wing of the National Police.

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They paraded with the arsenal of the Road Traffic Company, Law Enforcement Company and Reinforced Law Enforcement Section. To demonstrate their ability to ensure security deep inside the neighbourhoods, the Police platoon on bicycles also paraded. The International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES) paraded with their vehicles and security equipment.

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