In his book, « Tough Times Never last, But Tough People Do, » (1988), Robert Schuller, declares that every problem has a limited life span. As far as persons and nations are concerned, their problems, be they natural disasters, or armed confrontations, the task worth tackling is not only seeking a solution, but also preventing the worst that can obstruct serenity which is direly needed for unity. This demands prudent thought and action in search of ingredients of happiness and progress. Persons, families, communities, and nations need this trend of thought without which it is difficult to face problems and succeed in having them solved.

Nations that are not prudent in the handling of delicate national affairs, find themselves becoming permanent trouble spots on our globe. What a disappointment to nationals and the international community! Yet, much could be prevented if they are prudent in vision and prompt action. We do not need to go into the details of what has been going on in Middle East, Syria, Yemen or Sudan, to see for ourselves how many lives and how much property have been lost owing to failure to dialogue and seek lasting solutions to geopolitical or socio-political issues. We all dread this trend and would not want such an ugly scenario to come our way and mar the enviable image that has been ours since 1961.

To pre-empt the worst that can emerge from what is now going on in our country, we must be prudent enough to move from words to action. The appeals for dialogue have been many, and the slogans of joy and pride of living together declared in songs and speech. This shows our craving for unity and peace, but we must go beyond these impor tant declarations. We must be prudent enough to waste no time in getting into action which prevents the destruction of life and property, and more tarnishing, the image of a country greatly admired by people aware of its physical and human resources.

Think of our national football team, the Indomitable Lions, our Women’s football team, the Indomitable Lionesses and our Women’s Volleyball squad. Furthermore, names like Roger Milla and Samuel Eto’o have become so common in soccer stardom that no one talks of them without thinking of where they come from. And what about music? Manu Dibango and other “stars”, male and female make the world see our country as land of the talented, not only in entertainment, but also in academics. Regrettably, all these can be relegated to shattered nostalgia if we are not prudent enough to prevent in love and prompt patriotic action what is needed to keep us truly united with concern for future generations.

Fortunately, we have the means and will to rekindle what makes us great and ready to guard against what makes people vulnerable to greed and unpatriotic trends.

Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People do. Cameroon, like any nation can prove her toughness in the handling of tough times by acting fast in response to the need to stall unfortunate uprisings that betray political maturity craving for unity, and progress.



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