Chief Justice Fonkwe Joseph Fongang : Experienced Judge At Judicial Bench

He was appointed by President Paul Biya on August 10, 2020 after chairing the Higher Judicial Council meeting.

President Paul Biya in decree No. 2020/434 of 10 August 2020 appointed Fonkwe Joseph Fongang as the new President of the Judicial Bench of the Supreme Court to replace another English-speaking Cameroonian, Chief Justice Epuli Mathias Aloh.
Reacting to the press about his appointment, First Group Super scale Magistrate, Chief Justice Fonkwe Joseph Fongang said, «The appointment came to me as a big surprise because I was not expecting it.  I thank God Almighty   who made it possible for me through this appointment to have another opportunity to better serve the people of Cameroon in this new capacity. I also express my gratitude to the Head of State, Paul Biya, President of the Higher Judicial Council who through this appointment wants me to better serve the people of Cameroon. I pray God Almighty to continue to give me the guidance that I should respect the oath of magistracy that I took and serve the nation. »
Born on July 1, 1965 at Lewoh-Fotabong in Lebialem Division of the South West Region, Fonkwe Joseph has a world of experience in the judicial domain after having served therein in many capacities. On June 7, 2017, he was appointed the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, a position he held until his recent replacement. In the judicial domain proper, he had served as the Chief Justice of the Far North Court of Appeal in Maroua, Attorney General of the South West Court of Appeal, Supreme Court Judge, Vice President of the South West Court of Appeal, held the same position in the Far North Court of Appeal and was President of the Court of First Instance of Nkongsamba among other functions. 
The bilingual judge who is the product of the Judicial Division of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), holder of a degree in Law in the University of Yaounde, is also credited for many publications and articles related to law, as well as lecturer in the Buea University. 



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