Obituary : Jacqueline Koung à Bessike Is Dead

The former member of government died at the Social Insurance Hospital in Yaounde yesterday June 2, 2021 after a brief illness.

The air is heavy with sadness; the night is a long one with unshed tears. Unsaid words screaming for attention. This best describes the atmosphere at the Santa Barbara residence of the former Minister of State Property and Land Tenure (MINDCAF), Jacqueline Koung à Bessike. She was announced dead at about 10:00 a.m. at the Social Insurance Hospital in Yaounde yesterday June 2, 2021. Her remains have been kept at the Yaounde General Hospital mortuary awaiting burial.
Yesterday at 5:00 p.m. when a Cameroon Tribune (CT) team of reporters visited her residence, the family was just coming in from the mortuary. The wailing of mourners was uncontrollable as they came in from different walks of life. “Where is my mother, where is my mother... a mourner screamed in desperation.” The former Minister indeed is dead, they all confirmed.  Her daughter, Francine Barbara Bong à Mouthé told CT “I cannot coherently tell you what happened. I am confused. All I know is that my mother was briefly sick and now we are talking about her death”. Another family member who was considered the head of the family burst into tears as she said “How can I talk about the death of my sister”. However, CT reporters gathered that late Jacqueline Koung à Bessike had a malaise last Friday, May 28 and was taken to a private clinic in Yaounde. Later she was transferred to the Social Insurance Hospital where she underwent a surgical intervention on Monday May 31. Her situation seemed stabilised until early yesterday morning when it became complicated and she died later.
The Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC) has lost one of its Vice Presidents. Late Jacqueline Koung à Bessike, since 1995 served as Secretary General in several ministries before being appointed as Minister of State Property and Land Tenure on November 9, 2011. She held that position until October 2, 2015. She is native of Bafia, Mbam-and-Inoubou Division, in the Centre Region of Cameroon. She is an Economist by training, specializing in Banking and Finance. She was an active member of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement Party. 



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