Star Building : PM Receives Regional Council Presidents

They used the maiden courtesy visit to present some of their worries to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute.

Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute has assured the Presidents of Cameroon’s 10 Regional Councils of government’s commitment to enable the regions effectively carry out their local development mission.
He received a delegation of the Regional Council Presidents in the Star Building on August 4, 2021 led by Emmanuel Mve Elemva, the President of the South Regional Council. After their discussions, the President of the Regional Assembly for the North West, Prof. Fru Angwafor III, told the press that, «We tabled 10 points and they were all taken into consideration. We are expecting that in the future we will have satisfaction especially for our populations». On details about the points, he said they concerned the acquisition of working materials, transfer of powers, budgetary issues, planning for regional development, land use, development plans, medium-term budgetary frameworks for the budget for the next three years. They also presented to the Prime Minister the stakes of getting a proper budget for 2022, organisational charts of regions that are being finalised, issues of recruitment as they cannot recruit staff for now without having a salary scale. He said they were assured that all these things are being looked into at different levels.
On the general ambiance in the maiden encounter, Prof. Fru Angwafor said they were thankful for the thorough explanations the Prime Minister gave them. «We go back assured that as pioneers in regional decentralisation, there is work that has to be done. One of the key things that I take home is that we should all be patient, we should all work and make sure that our populations understand the devolution of powers and activities that will be sent to the regions. »



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