Return To Normalcy In North West : Traditional Rulers Explore Avenues

This is through various meetings chaired by the President of the North West House of Chiefs.

As a contribution to a return to normalcy in the North West Region, traditional rulers of the locality are meeting to exchange peace ideas in order to guarantee a safe back-to-school. An initiative of the President of the North West House of Chiefs, Fon Kevin Yakum, the various meetings with Fons, Lamidos, Ardos and Sarkis of the region are to chart a way forward to peace and subsequently adopt an action plan for the various communities, taking into consideration their respective specificities.
Highlighting on the objective of the meeting, Fon Kevin Yakum said peace is of prime importance in the region and the participation of traditional rulers in the process is very important. He noted that he intends to meet with the custodians of culture of all the seven divisions of the North West Region before the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic school year. “Generally, peace is the best atmosphere for the execution of several projects. With a peaceful atmosphere, there is development. Education follows its normal course and the population remains literate. As traditional rulers, we want to put hands together to ensure that peace returns to our communities and a better life can take its course,” he noted. 
Fon Kevin Yakum added that besides discussing peace building, they saw to the reorganisation of the traditional rulers and the institutions that they incarnate. To him, traditional institutions have a major role to play as auxiliary of administration and custodians of tradition, all for the wellbeing of the population. Educational funds, he noted are also being mobilised during the respective gatherings, to champion and facilitate a safe back-to-school campaign in the entire region. “Our children need a safe educational environment. Our communities need to be developed. We need to live in peace with one another. All these and more can only be possible through peace,” the President of the North West House of Chiefs stated. 
The traditional rulers on their part reaffirmed their support for a contribution to peace in their respective Fondoms. Encouraging peaceful social cohesion and condemning the use of hate speech, are some of the actions equally promoted in communities. 



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