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Respect The Verdict

Sunday, the 13th of October 2019 will go into the annals of political history as a day Tunisians of all walks of life decided to change the leadership of their country through the ballot box. Despite a poor turn out during the first round of the 2019 presidential election with only 41 % voters exercising their civic rights, the over 7 million registered voters turned out en masse to elect a new president. The elections that took place in calm and serenity is gradually redesigning the political map of the country. A few months ago no one could foresee or imagine two very big outsiders’, Kais Saied and Nabil Karoui emerging from the plethora of heavy weight candidates who vied for the elections. Their political ascension is not only a lesson for Tunisians, but to the entire African continent.
With exit-poll placing independent candidate Kais Saied largely ahead with 70 % and his opponent Nabil Karoui with only 30%, it is high time for each and every party to respect the verdict of the ballot box. For, Professor Kais Saied who based his campaign on political and economic reforms, the fight against corruption and social equality, the landslide victory should not send him to slumber as much is expected from him especially the less privileged class of the population. Though he is handicap by a lack of an outright majority in parliament his association with the Ennahdha party and why not the Qalb Party of his immediate rival Karoui might be a key to his reforms.
On the other hand, media mogul Nabil Karoui despite losing the presidential election to Kais Saied, can be felicitated for his major political break through. After emerging second during the first round of the presidential elections with over 15% votes and second in legislative elections with 38 seats, his defeat last Sunday during the final round of the presidential election should instead be a morale booster for him and his supporters for future challenges, rather than an arm for contestation. Thus, the announcement by his campaign team to contest the results because he did not have enough time to campaign like his opponent might not be welcoming by Tunisians who since 2011 have witnessed several political mutations.



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