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Afanwi Ndifor Votes In Douala

He made a triumphant entry escorted by guards and followed by a hurd of journalists.

It was at 11:40 am that Frankline Afanwi Ndifor made his entry at the lycee bilingue Bonaberi in Douala to cast his vote. He came onboard a dark jeep escorted by bodyguards on foot from both sides to alight to the waiting pressmen and started granting interviews even before he could cast his vote. He had to be ushered into the voting station by cameramen eager to take pictures as he accomplished his civic responsibility.

After verification on the voters list, Frankline Ndifor who was number 206 on the roll in Lycée bilingue E, went through the process like every other voter, collecting ballot papers of all the candidates before going into the isolation box to make a choice that was already obvious.

Each stage of the process was filmed by cameramen especially the act of casting the ballot into the transparent box. After voting the presidential candidate went outside and continued with interviews as if he was still in campaign.

« I am so happy to have done what is expected of me as a Cameroonian. Secondly, I am happy because the joy of victory is already ringing in me. I encourage those who are still hesitating to come out and vote because this is the election that is going to bring the change people have been yearning for. I know past experiences in elections have led to apathy. There are signs of change this year. People have immeasurable hope. As concerns the conduct of the election, we are still scanning information. We need to verify the information before making any public statement, he said.»

It is worthy to mention that there was novelty this year in that, the voters list posted in front of polling stations did not only contain names but also passport size photographs of the voters which made identification easy. The voter verifies outside and notes his or her number on the roll which helps the polling officer to easily trace the name once inside thereby avoiding overcrowding.



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