Secretary of State, Ministry of Basic Education: Dr Asheri Kilo Is Capable

Upon her appointment, former students of Our Lady of Lourdes gathered at her residence to rejoice in songs and prayers.

It was about mid night on January 5, 2019. From the serene atmosphere at the neighbourhood behind the Yaounde Central Hospital could be heard a song “come children of the rosary a sacred name you are bearing.” It is a holy rosary song, which is like the anthem of Our Lady of Lourdes College in Mankon, Bamenda, in the North West Region. Ex-student of the school, best known as LESANs had gathered to celebrate one of theirs. Dr Kilo Vivian Asheri, appointed by a Presidential Decree as the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Basic Education.

Dr Stella Bongwa Zekeng, a pharmacist and classmate to the newly appointed Secretary of State at the Ministry of Secondary Education was one of those echoing the holy rosary song.  She said “It is a wonderful and an unimaginable day as LESANs.” Dr Stella Bongwa is one of those who spent five years with Dr Asheri Kilo in Lourdes. “We all know Asheri as a very hard working person with zeal to get things done. We are here to acknowledge the fact that one of us has been recognised into a higher office in the country. We are having a grand time, while putting her in prayers so that God will guide her into her new duties,” Dr Bongwa explained. A sister to the newly appointed, Dr Judith Shang could not control her excitement as she screamed in amazement knowing that the government has recognised the capabilities of her sister. Dr Shang says she had expected her sister to someday get to where she is now. “She is a hard working woman and I am so proud of her. I have no doubt that she will do extremely well,” Dr Shang explained.

Dr Asheri Kilo is a lady born in Nso, in the Bui Division some 50 years ago. After primary education, she attended the Our Lady of Lourdes College in Mankon and later Cameroon Protestant College (CPC), Bali. After university studies at the University of Yaounde, she earned a scholarship to study in the University of Leeds in England, where she obtained a Masters and PHD in Theatre Studies, Communication and Theatre for Education. She later returned to Cameroon in 1992 and worked as part-time staff for a year at the University of Yaounde and later gained employment at the University of Buea (UB) where she served as a lecturer and later senior lecturer for about 16 years. While in UB she held many positions before being appointed in 2008 as Technical Adviser No 1, at the Ministry of Arts and Culture. After 10 years at the Ministry of Arts and Culture, Dr Asheri Kilo is now Secretary of State at the Ministry of Basic Education. 



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