Ensuring Social Security Of Workers : Amendments Strengthen Legal Provisions

Already examined by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, the bill envisages improving the social security coverage of employees.

Bill No. 1068/PJL/AN which seeks to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the revised treaty of the Inter-African Conference on Social Security (CIPRES) adopted in Abidjan on December 14, 2004 has the objective of streamlining social security systems and strengthen the capacity of social protection managers. The revised treaty enables the Conference to meet the contemporary social needs and maintains CIPRES’ goals of reducing gaps in the administrative, technical and functional management of social security agencies, consolidating economic and social integration ties, and rationalising the functioning of social security systems.  The innovations in the revised treaty concern the mandate of CIPRES, its organisation and method of functioning. 
With regards to its mandate, the objectives of CIPRES revolve around the promotion of social security and support social security expansion actions in member States while adopting a common management rules for social security agencies. As concerns the organisation of CIPRES, the Regional Commission on the Monitoring of Social Security becomes the Commission on the Monitoring of Social Security, while the Regional Inspectorate of Social Security is scrapped and replaced by an Executive Secretariat. Regarding the financial aspects, the revised treaty provides that henceforth, the contribution of each member State will compose the same fixed amount for each member country representing 75 per cent of the total contribution, and the remaining 25 per cent will vary according to the institution in charge of managing social security in the State concerned. It equally states the Council of Ministers shall adopt the budget of CIPRES upon the proposal of the Executive Secretary. 
Presenting and defending the bill before the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Assembly on March 30, 2020, the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Grégoire Owona said the treaty is being revised to address inherent limitations concerning imbalance of the pension bench, the absence of the sickness bench in many social security agencies and the non-application of instruments adopted by the said agencies.   
The original CIPRES treaty, it should be recalled, was adopted on September 22, 1993 by the government of 14 French-speaking African States and aimed at strengthening economic and social integration ties by jointly pursing efforts to improve social security. 



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